The Hello Dolly - 5.25
A classic from the '60s (if it ain't broke don't fix it!) Graham crust with condensed milk, chocolate, pecans and coconut 

The Dunbar - 5.25
Our most popular bar... an oatmeal base with loads of chocolate, pecans, coconut
and dulce de leche (Mexican caramel) in the middle 

The Mackenzie Bar - 5.25
The beloved Dunbar, but with the addition of peanut butter and peanuts 

Walnut Brownie - 5.25
Our version is fudgy with lots of walnuts 

Lemon Bar - 5.25
Lots of lemon with some coconut and walnuts make this pretty special 

Pecan Bar - 5.25
Shortbread base with lots of gooey caramel and pecans 

Nanaimo Bar - 5.25
We know you aren’t from around these parts if you don’t know this on

Peppermint Nanaimo Bar - 5.25
A Classic Nanaimo bar with a holiday twist: peppermint in the middle layer 

Dream Bar - 5.25
Our Bestseller! Shortbread crust, cherries, walnuts and coconut topped
with vanilla buttercream 

Smartie Pants Bar - 5.25
Our perfect chocolate brownie sprinkled with a generous
helping of Smarties 

Coney Island Bar - 5.25
A deep fudgey base topped with more chocolate and walnuts and then finished with
our own Toasted Coconut Marshmallows

Bajillionaire Bar - 5.25
Brown sugar shortbread crust, creamy caramel centre finished with dark
chocolate and a sprinkling of sea salt

Campfire Bar - 5.25
The best part of any camping trip without leaving home. Graham crumb crust,
chocolate and our own vanilla marshmallow on top

Chocolate Coconut Brownie - 5.25
Chocolate and Coconut is a match made in heaven 

Butter Tart Bar - 5.25
Sweet brown sugar, raisins and walnuts… a re-envisioned classic 
Vunderbar - 5.25
Peanut Butter Marshmallow Slice - 4.95
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