Frozen Whole Cakes

For really bad days or for really good ones. A freezer cake is always here for you. 


Vanilla/Vanilla: The party-perfect people-pleaser. Say that five times fast. 

Chocolate/Chocolate: Soulful and comforting. Beloved by all. The Tom Hanks of cakes.

Coconut: Vanilla cake dressed up with cream cheese icing and lots of shredded coconut. Tangy and moist with a satisfying texture. 

Carrot Cake: A springtime favourite. Moist carrot cake with cream cheese icing and crushed walnuts. 

Chocolate Raspberry: Chocolate and raspberries...a perfect match!

 9" feeds 12-16 lucky people!

7" feeds 8-12 people comfortably at one time or one person every day for the duration of a quarantine...just saying.

5" feeds 4-6.